• We bring together a community of young entrepreneurs, innovators, activists, and creatives, who are ready to bring about positive change in their communities.


    We serve young social entrepreneurs by helping you:

    • connect with like-minded people to draw inspiration from and collaborate with

    • Connect with mentors

    • Discover learning content to help you through your entrepreneurial journey

    • Find, build, and participate in hands-on experiences at design events, challenges, and team activities to cultivate your innovation


  • Vision

    Here's how we help our community of socially minded entrepreneurs grow

    together and bring about positive change.

    How we serve our community

    • Community Development: Recruit and engage a community of young entrepreneurs to increase collaboration and idea generating. We are connecting innovators to resources, and the world of entrepreneurship in order to transform a singular idea into a team inspired business.
    • Mentorship: Through MN8 you can teach and learn. Our community consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurs ranging in expertise, field of impact, and age. We deliver a multitude of perspective as you develop your plan of action and face challenges in any stage of growth.


    • Social Impact: Our goal is to help our members improve the world. We plan to help people start community think tanks, learn from other social entrepreneurs, and get a feel for the wide range of communities that can use their products. We see the potential in students and young innovators to bring upon change and empower them with the people and knowledge to make an impact.
  • Try it!

    Join other young innovators, problem solvers, and social entrepreneurs.

  • Partners

    Gain access to a free online portal for your organization to engage and mobilize your community

    MN8 Features

    • Learn: An opportunity to build and access an extensive library of articles and videos to supplement your material from journals, articles and videos curated to empower entrepreneurs.


    • A community Chat Room: For you and your members! Boost communication with your members through our live chat rooms and video conferencing; perfect for mentor mentee partnerships associated with your competition.


    • Messaging Portal: Send out communications to all your members through our email updates and subscription lists based on topics of interests.


    • Community Events: Add your own or discover community events that may spark your interest. 

    Who We Partner With

    Our partners support our mission of connecting people, developing self-starters, and mobilizing resources to solve today's toughest challenges facing society.




    Regardless what you’re competing for, we can help. At MN8 you can talk to mentors, organize materials, and sketch up any solution to problems you are facing. The best part? You’ll be communicating in real-time with your teammates while also accessing content that may help you.


    Clubs and Organizations:


    If you're looking to be a part of a more unique community, start your own innovation club at your school. With MN8 you will be able to plan out meetings, hear from your members, and gain access to resources that will help you start your very own initiative. We also have curated club activities and learning materials for you to share with you members to teach them about entrepreneurship and innovation.




    We want to help you draw out entrepreneurs from all around you, whether you’re sharing news with those who care about your mission, or creating an event for people to attend; MN8 can help generate energy around your community of interest.



  • Connect With Us

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  • Team

    MN8 is a volunteer led organization

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    Shahab Kaviani


    Shahab founded MN8 with the vision of empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Shahab has dedicated himself to educating and developing young entrepreneurs, previously as Adjunct Professor teaching entrepreneurship at University of Maryland and currently as founder of Launch Academy, a 12 week experiential learning program for young entrepreneurs. Shahab is co-founder of HyperOffice, Breezio, and CoFoundersLab. As CEO of CoFoundersLab, Shahab built one of the largest communities of entrepreneurs in the world operating in over 40 cities. By leveraging his experience in building and engaging communities, his vision is to help catalyze positive change in society by discovering, connecting, and developing tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs. Learn more about Shahab here